What are the benefits of having a Commercial Laundry Service?


Whether you are running a hotel, B&B, or holiday home, your guests expect the highest standards during their stay with you. 

Clean, fresh linen and towels are essential.  NetLet Laundry offers the exquisite Cairo Comfort Range from Mitre Linen, which is renowned for its luxurious quality.  As an Electrolux Professional HACCP accredited laundry service, NetLet Laundry has spent many years mastering our laundry process to ensure clean, uncontaminated laundry every time.


On-site laundry facilities are costly. Employee costs, utilities, and equipment are only a few of the costs involved in running your own laundry facility.  Why suffer this additional expense when you can contract your laundry service with a reputable, reliable, efficient commercial company like NetLet Laundry?

Why spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, on purchasing your own stockpile of linen and laundry when NetLet Laundry is on hand to provide your business with high-quality linen at no extra cost?


By using NetLet Laundry, you are guaranteed high quality linen and towels every time.  

Our machines dispense an accurate amount of high graded chemicals during each wash, ensuring all linen is processed effectively.

NetLet Laundry has also adapted its own ‘Kill n Cure’ laundry process, which eliminates 99% of the stains on our white linens. This process is not only efficient but also non-damaging to the material, guaranteeing linen sustainability.  

If you don’t believe us, arrange an on-site visit.

The Environmental Impact

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of many decisions made within today’s society.  As a nation, we are all looking at ways to improve our sustainability, whether within our homes or business decisions.  

At NetLet Laundry, we have dedicated delivery and collection methods, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. The use of biodegradable detergents and ensuring our utility usage is kept to a minimum are always at the forefront of our vision and goals.

NetLet Laundry

A reliable and dedicated commercial laundry service is crucial for any business trying to manage a multitude of tasks at once.  

Guest expectations are higher than ever, and in this age of online reviews and customer feedback, an efficient and effective laundry service is imperative to you and your business.

Let NetLet Laundry deal with this aspect of your business so you don’t have to.

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We were so impressed by the bed linen, including duvet and pillows, which gave us superb night’s sleep whilst staying at the property. The beds were beautifully presented with clean crisp cotton bed linen and compared very favorably with any hotels we have stayed in during our travels over the years. With your assistance we have been able to purchase the same bedding for our own home.

Holiday Let Guest

Really good staff, would recommend to anyone wanting laundry cleaning services in Pembrokeshire

Laundry Client

It is a relief to have a company that will adapt to what suits the hotel best. They collect and delivery three times a week and pack the linen back into bed packs. Our housekeepers find this very productive and helpful.

Hotel Manager