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NetLet Laundry’s holiday let laundry service was set up to complement our cleaning company because competent holiday let-focused services were not available in the county. Our system has been developed to ensure total security of delivery aimed at changeover day.

We provide all linen bags so they are colour coded to specific areas and properties. We pack all bed linen by bed type and colour and can break this down by specific rooms if required. The process used in the laundry means dedicated lanes remove problems of mixing laundry. Packing by bed type increases cleaning time as cleaners no longer need to sort linen. We now offer this service to any holiday let property or cleaning company including pickup and delivery.

All machines are auto dosing using SPARENITY chemicals and the machines can be programmed to specific requirements depending on customer industry – eg. kitchen, spa etc. The machines use 5 different chemicals during the process which are varied automatically, depending on weight and type, by the program selected. This eliminates over-dosing or staining due to insufficient detergents.

  • All laundry bags provided
  • Free linen pickup and delivery*
  • Oven gloves, tea towels and bathmats provided*
  • House linen (high quality cotton linen) is used to substitute any permanently stained linen. This covers changeover whilst the problem is dealt with, ensuring your changeover day goes smoothly while allowing time for you to buy new linen or use replacements*
  • Line system in our laundry insures no cross over of linen
  • Thorough inspection of items during process to eliminate the risk of stained linen appearing on changeover
  • Linen is packed by bed type (if required) to speed up change over. Say goodbye to sorting linen on the day. *subject to terms and conditions after negotiation

What our clients say

“We were so impressed by the bed linen, including duvet and pillows, which gave us superb night’s sleep whilst staying at the property. The beds were beautifully presented with clean crisp cotton bed linen and compared very favorably with any hotels we have stayed in during our travels over the years. With your assistance we have been able to purchase the same bedding for our own home.”

Holiday Let Guest

"Really good staff, would recommend to anyone wanting laundry cleaning services in Pembrokeshire."

Laundry Client

"It is a relief to have a company that will adapt to what suits the hotel best. They collect and delivery three times a week and pack the linen back into bed packs. Our housekeepers find this very productive and helpful."

Hotel Manager

New solutions to old problems

NetLet Laundry is the county’s first holiday let-focussed laundry: we provide Pembrokeshire laundry services specially geared to the special needs of the holiday let market. We have looked at how other commercial laundries work and how just focussing on getting quantity through affects the delivery of service to the holiday let on changeover. No-one has looked at how the linen delivery can be made effective to the end product. See the box to the right to see how we’re different.

All of these things and more are provided free by NetLet Laundry. We set out to provide customers with a total solution. With a partnership with NetLet Housekeeping and Pembrokeshire NetLet, we are able to provide holiday homeowners with the first totally professional complete holiday solution in Pembrokeshire.


Stains in linen that cannot be removed.

Traditional Way

A sticker is left on the linen and it is returned stained, which leads to a problem on changeover.

The Netlet Way

We carry out a full inspection to ensure linen is not stained or damaged. Removing stained linen and replacing it with high quality house linen. We contact the owner to resolve issue while the changeover goes faultlessly.


Linen arrives on changeover that isn't yours or linen goes missing

Traditional Way

Pushing quantity through the laundry leads to splitting linen by colour to increase profit. Without labelling this can quickly become a mess.

The Netlet Way

We label all linen and put the same property's laundry through coded lanes to ensure that it stays together.


On changeover, linen requires sorting and packing

Traditional Way

Customer loses valuable cleaning time having to sort linen in to respective type, colour, etc.

The Netlet Way

Linen is sorted into bed type and set, packed accordingly into coded bags within the laundry delivery bag to make sorting simple, fast and effective.

Think we’re the firm for you?

Do you have a question about our holiday let services? If so, please get in touch with us using the button below. Hospitality Laundry Services offer a wide range of skills and services to suit any needs and budget. Alternatively, give us a call on 01646 698468 if you’d like to speak with us directly.