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Covering all of Pembrokeshire County

NetLet Laundry is Pembrokeshire’s only Electrolux Professional HACCP accredited holiday home focused service.

Set up with the holiday let market in mind, we endeavour to cover all aspects of delivery to ensure that on changeover day your linen is all clean, all there and delivered in time.

The HACCP International Certification is only awarded to equipment and materials that demonstrate stringent food safety standards after a comprehensive evaluation by a team of assessors.

All our machines are industrial machines designed to provide a top-quality finish irrespective of linen type. The auto dose and weigh systems ensure no over-dosing (which causes staining) while the use of high graded chemicals ensures removal of tough stains such as fake tan while avoiding damage to linen. 

Item specific programming means your linen has its own specially designed washing program in order to get the best results.

What Services Do We Offer?

Our laundry is situated centrally within the Pembrokeshire County and has been designed to deliver high quality services for all types of laundry needs. Get in touch today to see how NetLet Laundry can assist you and your Laundry needs. 

Holiday Homes

Hotels and BnB's



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Caravan Parks

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Bars & Restaurants

Our Facilities

In March 2021 NetLet Laundry custom designed our new operational facilities. After working in 2 smaller units for several years, our rapid growth demanded change. It is a pleasure to work alongside our existing and new clients and hear the wonderful feedback about brightness of linen, reduction in linen losses and the quality of customer service we can offer. 

Quality Guarenteed

As the only Pembrokeshire laundry service with HACCP certified Electrolux Professional equipment, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. As such we provide the following services as standard:

Linen Rental

Use our linen rental service to reduce your initial out lay charges. New stock linen supplied with no minimum usage charges. 

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Free Collections

Our collections and deliveries are FREE of charge for our clients. We cover the whole county of Pembrokeshire. 

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Fast Turnaround

Our laundry is designed for a fast turnaround at the highest standards. Operating 7-days a week where required. 

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Linen Bags

All laundry hampers and laundry dirty bags are supplied at the time of contract. Each returned bag is comes with a processing report.


Bed Packs

We understand the importance to pack linen per bed size. This reduces creasing and is a more efficient way to manage linen.

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Our line system ensures no cross over of linen and with thorough inspections, items are closely monitored during the process.

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