Hospital Laundry Service Pembrokeshire

NetLet Laundry offer a medical laundry service in Pembrokeshire. 

We have worked alongside medical facilities for many years, providing a laundry service for medical clothing, hospital linen, and all manner of medical laundry requirements. 

We understand how important quality control is and have developed processes to ensure medical laundry is handled correctly.

The process used in our laundry means we have dedicated lanes, set up to remove problems of mixing laundry. 

Packing linen into clear sealed bags ensures there is no cross contamination during transport. 

We have a ‘red bag’ system, which eliminates the need to handle linen until after it has been processed. Our red bags are fully dissolvable and do not effect the quality of our laundry processing. 

Quality Guaranteed

As the only Pembrokeshire laundry service with HACCP certified Electrolux Professional equipment, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. As such, we provide the following services as standard.

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Hygiene Bags

We supply red dissolvable hygiene bags to ensure used linen is processed with limited handling and returned sealed in clear bags.

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Free Collections

Our collections and deliveries are FREE of charge for our clients, within Pembrokeshire. 

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Fast Turnaround

Our laundry is designed for a fast turnaround at the highest standards. Operating 7-days a week where required. 

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Linen Bags

All laundry hampers and laundry dirty bags are supplied at the start of our contract. Each returned bag is processed, and comes with a processing report detailing what has been laundered.


24/7 Helpline

We have a 24/7 helpline that is dedicated to ensure all of our clients are looked after around the clock. If any issues arise, we have a 4-hour call out window. 

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Our designated lane system ensures no cross over of linen, and minimises linen being damaged or mis-laid.  We carry out thorough inspections and items are closely monitored during the process.