Hotel and B&B Laundry Service in Pembrokeshire

NetLet Laundry’s Hotel and B&B laundry service was set up to complement NetLet Housekeeping

We provide all linen individually packed in linen bags, colour coded to specific areas and properties, and can break this down by specific rooms, if required. 

The process used within our laundry means there are dedicated lanes set up to remove problems of mixing laundry. Packing by bed type also decreases changeover time as linen is pre-sorted ready for your changeover.

We now offer this service to any hotel or B&B in Pembrokeshire, including FREE collection and delivery services.

Why Choose NetLet Laundry Services?

Quality Guaranteed

As the only Pembrokeshire laundry service with HACCP certified Electrolux Professional equipment, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. As such we provide the following services as standard.

Netlet laundry services pembrokeshire hotel holiday home towels linen rental

Linen Rental

Use our linen rental service to reduce your initial outlay charges. New stock linen supplied with no minimum usage charges. 

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Free Collections

Our collections and deliveries are FREE of charge for our clients. We cover the whole county of Pembrokeshire. 

fast turnaround laundry services in pembrokeshire free collections

Fast Turnaround

Our laundry is designed for a fast turnaround at the highest standards. Operating 7-days a week where required. 

laundry hamper bags supplied pembrokeshire laundry services netlet uk

Linen Bags

All laundry hampers and dirty bags are supplied by NetLet. Each returned bag is processed, and comes with a processing report detailing what has been laundered.


Bed Packs

We understand the importance to pack linen correctly, into bed packs. This reduces creasing and is a more efficient way to manage linen.  It is also speeds up the changeover process

Professional sanitisation cleaning service in Pembrokeshire netlet housekeeping


Our designated lane system ensures no cross over of linen, and minimises linen being damaged or mis-laid.  We carry out thorough inspections and items are closely monitored during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some of our most asked commonly asked questions with our holiday home cleaning services in Pembrokeshire. If you are still looking for information why not try our articles page where we keep you update with the everything cleaning! 

Are There Minimum Quantities?

When using NetLet Laundry Services, our prices include the frequency of your collections and quantities you will supply throughout the season. 

Higher the volume, lower the unit price. However, we do not have a minimum quantity to carry out any of our laundry services. 


Why is White Linen Best To Use?

When you see white bed sheets you may assume these could be hard to keep crisp and stain free. In fact, when using a white thread, you have a wider range of tricks and techniques to keep your linen looking new and fresh. 

Our stain free wash cycle removes up to 90% of hard stains, this is a cycle we could not use on patterned or colour linen. 

Do I Need To Supply Bags?

When you become a client of NetLet Laundry Services, we will provide you with clean hampers and dirty bags for your linen requirements. 

We will return your clean, packed and pressed linen in your clean hamper with a dirty hamper inside, to return the used bed linen for processing. 

How Often Will You Collect?

NetLet Laundry covers the County of Pembrokeshire. 

Depending on your location and the time of year, will determine the frequency of collections. We ensure your collections meet your linen requirements, as well as coinciding with our general vehicle run throughout the week.