Care Home Laundry Service

Our Care Home Laundry Service covers the whole of Pembrokeshire

We know that quality service is important to our customers. 

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The benefits of our Care Home Laundry Service

We offer laundry services for Care Homes. With you in mind, we will collect, process and deliver your laundry – so you can focus on what matters most: the happiness and well-being of your residents. At Netlet Laundry, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible so that you can provide your residents with the best care possible.  

NetLet Laundry are the only laundry service within Pembrokeshire with HACCP certified Electrolux professional equipment.  HACCP is a safety management system, whereby we can process contaminated linen and clothing, to the highest standards.

Professional Care Home Laundry Service

Netlet Laundry is committed to providing a quality laundry service for the Care Homes within Pembrokeshire.  It is our mission to continue to build relationships within the Community and to ensure our clients trust us with their linen and garments. 

NetLet Laundry provide a dedicated service to the community and can process items, such as:

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A laundry service perfect for the care sector

We provide laundry services with a personal touch. Our goal is to make your laundry experience as convenient and efficient as possible. We offer free collection and delivery, so you do not waste valuable time and/or money. Our equipment has the best industrial wash programs, with strict control process to ensure there are no linen crossovers. 

Every client receives laundry hampers, at the start of their contract, including dirty washing bags so our services are set up for you, immediately.  All laundry is processed and a report generated.

More on what we can do for your care home

All laundry is packed and ready for use straight away.  We pack your items, with care and attention, to make it easier for you. We provide linen rental, if required, to help save you time and money. 

Our industrial laundry equipment allows us to produce a great finish regardless of what type of linen you give us. We’re known for handling most problems – so let us handle your laundry!

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How our Care Home Laundry Service has adapted

Professional recognition

We are recognised by Electrolux Professional with HACCP Accreditation. Our safety processes, equipment and materials have been assessed, so you can be confident in your choice of Netlet Laundry. 

We welcome feedback from our clients, as this allows us to improve our service and strive for excellence.

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FAQ - Care Home Laundry Services

When we use your Care Home Laundry Service are we constrained with minimum quantities?

We do not follow minimum order quantities. 

Our rates are set up to reward with high volume of items, as our laundry services become more efficient per item. As a result, the unit price decreases for clients who order high volumes.

Is linen rental available for Care Homes?

Netlet Laundry offers linen rental services. 

This means there is no initial financial outlay for your linen, and you have the advantage of having access to linen whenever you need it.