Hairdressing & Barber Laundry Service in Pembrokeshire

NetLet Laundry provide a high quality laundry service to all Hairdressing Salons and Barbers throughout Pembrokeshire.

We understand how important it is to have a reputable laundry service provider, that focuses on quality and service, over all else.  Whether it be towels, linens or robes, let us deal with this part of your business, so you can concentrate on the rest.

NetLet Laundry use eco-minded chemicals with the lowest impact to the environment, and have dedicated lanes to minimise the chance of mis-laid or damaged items. And, our a laundry service includes FREE collection and delivery throughout Pembrokeshire?

Why Choose NetLet Laundry Services?

Quality Guaranteed

As the only Pembrokeshire laundry service with HACCP certified Electrolux Professional equipment, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. As such we provide the following services as standard.

Netlet laundry services pembrokeshire hotel holiday home towels linen rental

Linen Rental

Use our linen rental service to reduce your initial out lay charges. New stock linen supplied with no minimum usage charges. 

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Free Collections

Our collections and deliveries are FREE of charge for our clients. We cover the whole county of Pembrokeshire. 

fast turnaround laundry services in pembrokeshire free collections

Fast Turnaround

Our laundry is designed for a fast turnaround at the highest standards. Operating 7-days a week where required. 

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Linen Bags

All clean laundry hampers and dirty laundry bags are supplied at the start of our contract. Each returned bag comes with a processing report.

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Our linen packaging is great to line smaller bins within your commercial premises to reduce plastic wastage. We are eco-friendly and adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility ethics, and so aim to use minimal one-use plastics.  

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Our internal inline processing systems ensure no cross over of laundry throughout the process.   With thorough inspections, and constant monitoring of laundry processes.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our laundry services in Pembrokeshire. If you are still looking for additional information, why not try our articles page, or contact us direct, where we can answer any questions you may have.

Are There Minimum Quantities?

No minimum – No maximum

When using NetLet Laundry Services, our prices are tailored to your requirements. There is no minimum quantity.  We will always provide the best price for a high quality service delivered, direct to you.

Your laundry needs and quantities will determine which price band we offer you. 

Higher the volume, lower the unit price. 


Can You Launder All Textiles?

Yes we can!

As part of our Terms and Conditions, we have the facilities to launder all textiles in relation to the guidelines stipulated on the labels.  We have specific programs that have been tailored to process inline with the textiles guidelines. 

We launder all types of Commercial laundry.  From linen, to  standard workwear, to all types of PPE, Safety Clothing, and Boiler Suits, where the fire retardant covering is not effected. 

Do I Need To Supply Bags?

When you become a client of NetLet Laundry Services, we will provide your clean hampers and dirty bags for your linen requirements. 

We will return your clean, packed and pressed laundry in your specific clean hamper, with a dirty hamper inside to return your dirty laundry for processing by us. 

How Often Will You Collect?

NetLet Laundry covers the entire County of Pembrokeshire. 

Location and the time of year will determine the frequency of collections. We will ensure our collections meet your requirements, as well as coinciding with logistical commitments throughout the week.