Holiday Home Laundry Service

If you manage a Holiday Home within Pembrokeshire, NetLet Laundry could be just what you need to make your business run smoothly

Our Holiday Home Laundry Service has been specifically set up to support businesses across Pembrokeshire. We provide a high quality service, with free collection and delivery. NetLet Laundry are here to provide your business with efficiency and reliability, so that you can concentrate your time on more important matters. 

Outsourcing laundry services might sound insignificant if you are new to the holiday home market. However, we provide a stable and valuable service to a lot of businesses in Pembrokeshire. 

Whether you own linen, or would like to take advantage of the rental of NetLet high quality hotel standard linen, our laundry service is available to make the management of your Holiday Home, that little bit easier

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Who Uses Your Holiday Home Laundry Service?

Why Use Netlet’s Holiday Home Laundry Service

Less manpower, more time for you, reliable service

Our company appreciates the complexity of running a holiday home. We know that having a reliable laundry service is vital. Therefore, we have structured our business to take this fundamental task out of your hands. For example, we offer holiday homes with free collection and free delivery. This service saves you time and money, as you don’t have to make trips to and from our premises regularly. Additionally, we collect and deliver your laundry in a timely manner so that you can concentrate on other important tasks. You can also be confident you are in the right hands with our specialist knowledge and equipment.

holiday home laundry service quality
holiday home laundry service premises

Slick processes & the small details that matter

We have spent time developing processes to serve holiday homes in Pembrokeshire with the utmost care and attention. Our customers benefit from every detail that goes into our holiday home laundry service. Small but essential details are added to our laundry hampers, wash programs, inspections, packing of clean laundry, and linen rental. With regards to our laundry hampers, these are provided to your holiday home as part of the laundry service. The hamper includes dirty washing bags so that you can bag up your laundry. When cleaning your laundry, we have industrial equipment and knowledge to select the most appropriate wash programs. In terms of our inspection process, we are thorough and provide process reports on completion. The report is used as part of our own processes to track items and ensure no crossovers.

Efficiency & linen rental

Small details are also considered with packing. For example, clean bedding is organised and packed based on size. As a result, you can unpack and supply your laundry faster and also benefit from fewer creases in the linen. We also provide a linen rental service which helps reduce your outlays. Furthermore, this may come in handy if you suddenly need quick access to linen. For more information about our linen rental service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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holiday home laundry service processes

Equipment & knowledge

Hopefully, at this point, you appreciate what we put into our holiday home laundry service. Not only are our processes thought through, but we also provide a quality finish irrespective of the linen type. Our latest machines are geared towards serving holiday homes across Pembrokeshire. The equipment we use has all the common industrial features, for instance, weighing and auto dose. We have the tools and experience so that holiday home owners don’t waste time in the laundry room. Why have a big build-up of laundry, combatting harsh stains, when we’re set up to do this efficiently for you? Therefore, offload your laundry and concentrate on other main priorities within your business.

Holiday Home Laundry Service - FAQ

Are you a reputable business to use in the area?

We are the only holiday home-focused Electrolux Professional HACCP accredited commercial laundry service in Pembrokeshire. As a result, our clients are confident that our equipment and materials have met strict food safety standards. Electrolux Professional has been respecting the HACCP processes since the late 1990s. The assessments that we went through make us a very credible business in Pembrokeshire. If you are looking for a professional laundry service dedicated to holiday homes, choose Netlet.

Does your holiday home laundry service restrict businesses to minimum quantities?

No, we do not have minimum quantities for holiday homes. Our prices take into account the volume and frequency of use. For example, if you are a high-volume customer you are rewarded with lower unit prices. This is our way of sharing out the reward of efficiency.

Is white linen harder or easier to wash when compared to cleaning coloured/patterned linen?

Our industrial equipment has a stain-free wash cycle setting. As a result, we are capable of removing up to 90% of hard stains. However, this setting can only be used on white linen. With white linen, there are tricks and techniques to keep your linen looking new and fresh.

Are there any other reasons to use your holiday home laundry service?

We are available in high seasons with collections and free deliveries. Our business covers Pembrokeshire, therefore if you have more than one holiday home you can stick to one Laundry Service provider. As well as the different services we provide, we are also a team focused on customer satisfaction. For a first-class holiday home service, contact us today.