Hotel Laundry Service

A Hotel Laundry Service serving hotels across the county of Pembrokeshire

Our Hotel Laundry Service has been specifically set up to support hotels across the whole county. If you own or run a hotel in Pembrokeshire, you will be intrigued to know that we support other Hotels in Pembrokeshire. Our hotel clients are very appreciative and also reliant upon the services that we provide. Whether you are a standalone Hotel or part of a chain, you should receive a high standard of service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a Hotel Laundry Service in Pembrokeshire.

About Our Hotel Laundry Service

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To remain efficient, choose our Hotel Laundry Services

Are you a hotel in Pembrokeshire looking to outsource your laundry? Maybe you currently have this service in-house but you realise this is just another cog to turn in the business. There are other hotels like yours that outsource their laundry to focus solely on generating new business, marketing, and customer service. They have remained successful just by concentrating their time on what matters most. When you use our Hotel Laundry Service you will notice that our business has been developed to alleviate stress and be the reliable support you need. At Netlet, we appreciate the Hotel sector is fast pace and therefore having an efficient laundry service plays its part. In order to support the hotels across Pembrokeshire, our Hotel Laundry Service has been geared towards efficiency from start to finish. As an example, we offer free collection to save you time and money going to a laundrette yourself.

More about our Hotel Laundry Services

As part of our Hotel Laundry Service, you will be issued with laundry hampers. This helps you to gather used laundry before we arrive and collect it. When we take your laundry back to our facility, we take the utmost care. For all the different linen that we receive, we will use the most suitable industrial wash programs. On top of this, we have stringent inspection processes to ensure that no linen is crossed over. On completion, your laundry is returned to you in a timely manner and we deliver this free of charge to your premises in Pembrokeshire.

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It's the small details that count…

Although the free collection, free delivery, our specialist knowledge, equipment, and our facilities are our main attributes, we also put effort into the small detail. For example, each bundle will come with a processing report on completion. Or if we use the example of bedding, not only do we deliver this to you nice and fresh but it’s organised into packs based on bed size. As a result, you are able to unpack and then supply your laundry efficiently – as well as having fewer creases in your linen. Aside from this, we also offer a linen rental service. Hotels sometimes use this service to reduce a big outlay and also get quick access to linen.

Our Hotel Laundry Service Facilities

Our setup for providing laundry services to hotels

At Netlet, our machines and equipment have been set up for serving hotels across the county. Our equipment has standard industrial features, such as weighing and auto dose. Using all of the equipment that we have, we can provide a quality finish irrespective of the linen type. Therefore, you no longer need to spend your time battling to clean chemicals like fake tan. At Netlet, we have the knowledge and experience to handle most laundry issues and we do this on a regular basis. So, don’t hesitate to use our service. Once you switch over to using our Hotel Laundry Service, you will one day wonder how you coped with all the workload!

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Our new premises

Up until recent years, we had two smaller laundrette facilities, which served us well for over several years. However, in March 2021 we migrated everything into a larger facility so that we could expand and enhance our services. Before the move, we were able to plan ahead and improve our processes – so that our clients receive a first-class Hotel Laundry Service. Now we are in our larger premises, we are happy that we have everything in place to serve the county and deliver the best service out there. The change has gone down well locally and further afield, of course it goes without saying – we are always grateful for any feedback we receive.

HACCP certification from Electrolux

Electrolux Professional has been respecting the HACCP processes for over 30 years. If you’re new to the terminology, HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. At Netlet, we have been through various assessments to gain professional HACCP certification from Electrolux. At the time we published this page, we can say that we are the only holiday home-focused Electrolux Professional HACCP accredited laundry service in Pembrokeshire. If you’re reading this section of the page, we hope this brings you extra confidence that our materials, equipment, and processes have been checked and verified. So, if your Hotel is looking for a quality Hotel Laundry Service, choose Netlet.

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Summary of our Hotel Laundry Service

To summarise why you should contact us about our hotel laundry service. Firstly, a member of our team comes out to your premises in Pembrokeshire and collects your laundry for free as part of our services. We also collect in high seasons! There are no minimum quantities required on sign-up and we provide laundry hampers so that you can gather up your laundry easily before we arrive. Also, if you need access to linen, we have a linen rental service. All in all, we are a customer-focused, locally run business that pays special attention to the smaller details you will appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Hotel Laundry Service

Does your Hotel Laundry Service restrict hotels to minimum quantities?

We do not restrict hotels to minimum quantities with our Hotel Laundry Service. Our hotel clients are rewarded with lower unit prices if we are dealing with high volume.

Is white linen easier to wash? (Compared to coloured or patterned linen)

Our equipment has a stain-free wash cycle which is capable of removing up to 90% hard stains. However, this can only be used on white linen. With white linen, there are tricks and techniques to keep your linen looking new and fresh. So, we are happy to work with white linen as well as coloured linen.