Laundry Service in Haverfordwest For Businesses

We provide a Laundry Service in Haverfordwest to serve businesses inside and outside of the town. If you are in Hospitality, Medical or Manufacturing, we can be your Laundry Service for Linen, PPE, or any other fabrics.

Our business has been strategically planned to serve the commercial sector for Laundry Services in Haverfordwest. We serve businesses such as Hotels, B&Bs & Holiday Parks. Additionally, other businesses in the Manufacturing and Medical sectors use our laundry services for items such as PPE or linen. The most appreciated part of our business is the free collection and free delivery services for commercial customers. We are able to provide this for the whole of the county. This service is great if you have more than one business or just need to free up your time. If you are a business interested in our Laundry Service in Haverfordwest, contact us today.

The businesses using our Laundry Services in Haverfordwest

Laundry Service in Haverfordwest serving the commercial sector

Netlet Laundry Services in Haverfordwest provides fast and efficient collection, washing, and delivery of linen for businesses of all sizes. Our machines are built to handle even the most delicate fabric and our business has been well thought through to serve the whole county efficiently. We have machines built for the commercial sector. Our equipment delivers great results irrespective of the linen type. At Netlet Laundry we appreciate that our services are often fundamental for businesses, allowing you to concentrate on other matters.

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More On Our Laundry Services in Haverfordwest

When you use our Laundry Service, we provide laundry bags for dirty items. Our machines use quality detergents and inspections throughout to ensure that no items have been swapped between loads, which helps maintain the quality of service. It’s not just the free pick-up and delivery that makes our service worthwhile; it’s also the reports with each load and the fact that we organise your bedding into size and weigh it to make sure it’s correct before returning it to you, saving you time when folding it yourself.

Our laundry practices have been accredited

We are proud to be the only laundry service in Haverfordwest to be professionally recognised with HACCP Accreditation from Electrolux Professional. HACCP assessments have been set up to ensure key safety criteria are met and Electrolux Professional carries out these assessments. Customers can be confident that our processes, equipment, and materials have met safety standards. Our service has been certified to meet these standards because we use professional cleaning products and equipment that have been approved by Electrolux Professional.

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Laundry Service in Haverfordwest - FAQ

Does Netlet Laundry offer a linen rental service?

Yes, we have a Linen Rental Service available as one of our services at Netlet. This is great if you need access to linen without paying an initial outlay. Contact us if you have any questions about our Linen Rental Service.

Do you supply linen bags to businesses in Haverfordwest so we can bag up laundry?

Yes, we supply businesses with laundry hampers. Our Laundry Hampers include dirty laundry bags. When we return your clean laundry we also include processing reports.

Do you restrict your services to minimum quantities?

We do not have minimum quantities as this would restrict our services. However, our customers do benefit from high volume/frequency use. For example, with high volume – we lower our unit. This is to reward our customers for the extra business and pass on the gains that we made from processing laundry in bulk.

Is white linen easier to wash? (When compared to patterned/coloured linen)

Not everyone knows this but with white linen, we have more techniques available to maintain the quality of the linen for longer. With white linen, we can use a stain-free wash cycle setting for example. This allows us to remove up to 90% of hard stains on white linen and keep the laundry looking fresh and new.

Do you provide Laundry Services outside of Haverfordwest?

At Netlet UK we cover the county of Pembrokeshire. Businesses requiring laundry services can have access to free delivery and free collection if they are based anywhere in Pembrokeshire. Many different businesses benefit from this service, it is not just the hospitality sector as you might expect. If you are a manufacturing company or in the medical sector, don’t hesitate to contact us about our Laundry Service in Haverfordwest.