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Our Laundry Service in Tenby serves businesses like Medical, PPE, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Hotels, Holiday Parks & Restaurants

We offer a Laundry Service in Tenby for a wide range of businesses. Our company serves businesses in this area and beyond. You don’t need to come to us as we collect and deliver laundry as part of our commercial services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our Laundry Service in Tenby.

Companies That Use Our Laundry Services in Tenby

Laundry Services in Tenby for businesses

There are many different businesses relying on our laundry service in Tenby. If you’re working in a fast pace environment, it is great to make use of a collection and delivery service. Our business has been well thought through to serve the whole county efficiently. We have machines built for the commercial sector. Our equipment delivers great results irrespective of the linen type. At Netlet Laundry we appreciate that our services are often fundamental for businesses, allowing you to concentrate on other matters. Our business is here to help your business run smoothly with our Laundry Services in Tenby.

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We are Tenby’s only Electrolux Professional HACCP-accredited holiday home-focused service. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. If you’re new to Electrolux Professional, they have been respecting the HACCP processes since the late 1990s. As you can imagine, non-food products and supplementary services used in the food industry, significantly impact food safety. HACCP assessments have been set up to ensure key food safety criteria are met and Electrolux Professional carry out these assessments. Therefore, our business has been through thorough assessments and gained professional HACCP accreditation. As a result, businesses around Tenby can be confident that our processes, equipment, and materials have met food safety standards.

More About Our Laundry Services in Tenby

When you begin using our services, we provide hampers that contain dirty washing bags. We use washing machines built for industry and we use quality detergents. Our inspection processes throughout ensure that no items have been swapped between loads, which can lead to lost orders. It is not just the free collection and free delivery that makes the service worthwhile. It is also the little touches that help make us stand out from other Laundry Services in Tenby. We will have reports with every load for instance. Our services include organising bedding into size, which means you don’t spend time folding yourselves.

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FAQ - Laundry Service in Tenby

Does Netlet supply any linen bags?

At Netlet, we supply businesses with laundry hampers, which include dirty laundry bags. Additionally, our services also include processing reports with your returned laundry.

Does Netlet provide Laundry Services outside Tenby?

We don’t just provide a Laundry Service in Tenby; we cover the whole county. Our customers can range from the holiday sector to the medical industry. We serve businesses like holiday lets, hotels, B&Bs, holiday parks, and restaurants, among others. Many of these different businesses enjoy taking advantage of the collection and delivery of laundry.

Can we rent linen from Netlet?

At Netlet, we have a Linen Rental Service. This is great if you need access to linen without paying an initial outlay. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Does Netlet restrict businesses to minimum quantities?

No, we do not restrict businesses to minimum quantities, we take into account volume and frequency of use. If we are dealing with high volume, unit prices are lower.

Is white linen harder or easier to wash compared to coloured/patterned linen?

With white linen, there are more tricks and techniques to keep your linen looking new and fresh. For example, we have equipment that has stain-free wash cycle settings for white linen. With this setting, we are capable of removing up to 90% of hard stains.

Are there any other benefits to using your Laundry Service in Tenby?

Our Laundry Service in Tenby is available in high seasons for free laundry collections and free deliveries. We cover the whole country, which means we can serve multiple locations for you. Contact us today for more information.