Laundry Service in Pembroke Dock for businesses

At Netlet we provide a Laundry Service in Pembroke Dock to serve businesses all around this area and across the county. We serve the manufacturing, medical and hospitality sectors.

Are you in the commercial sector looking for Laundry Services in Pembroke Dock? If so, you will be pleased to know we serve Holiday Parks, Hotels, Guest Houses, medical and manufacturing industries. Our customers in these industries benefit from not only free delivery but also free collection. This service is offered to businesses across the county and is great for saving you time and money. If you have more than one business in Pembrokeshire that would benefit from this, even better. You can streamline your services and both use our Laundry Services. Are you interested in a Laundry Service in Pembroke Dock? If so, please contact us today.

Commercial Laundry Services in Pembroke Dock

Efficient laundry service in Pembroke Dock

Our Laundry Services in Pembroke Dock are very well-organised when it comes to collecting, washing, and delivering clean washing. We have made sure that our equipment is capable of industrial wash programs and our service allows businesses to sit back while we do the work. It is important that we meet the expectations of the market and serve businesses with the best laundry service in Pembroke Dock. The small details might go unnoticed at times but let us explain how we do things. Firstly, we provide laundry bags for dirty items. Secondly, we use quality detergents and thorough inspections to ensure no items have been swapped between loads. The pickup and drop-off are key factors but we also provide reports with each load. You receive bedding organised into sizes. This all saves you time when distributing everything out at your end.

First class laundry service Pembroke Dock
laundry service Pembroke Dock Electrolux assessment

Accredited laundry service Pembroke Dock

Have you ever wondered who is the only holiday home focused laundry service in Pembroke Dock to be professionally recognised with HACCP Accreditation from Electrolux Professional? Well, guess what, that is us at Netlet UK. The HACCP assessments that were carried out on our business, give customers confidence that key safety criteria have been met. Electrolux Professional has certified our processes, equipment, and materials to make sure that we provide a first-class service.

FAQ - Laundry Service in Pembroke Dock

When we come to bag up dirty laundry what should we do?

At Netlet we provide laundry hampers that will include laundry bags for your dirty laundry. Once we have picked up and cleaned your laundry, we will deliver the items with a report. All of this is discussed with you when you make contact with us, to make sure you are happy with the service that we have provided.

Does your Laundry Service restrict businesses to minimum quantities?

No, we do not restrict businesses to minimum quantities. But we do reward customers when dealing with volume. Often with higher volumes, our services are more efficient per item. As a result, our customer is rewarded with a lower price per unit.

Do you offer linen rental services to businesses?

We do have a linen rental service and this has proven very useful for businesses around Pembroke Dock. Using a linen rental service like ours, allows your business to reduce initial outlays and have linen available quickly. Should you have any questions about linen rental or any other service that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Does your Laundry Service extend outside the perimeter of Pembroke Dock?

We don’t just provide a Laundry Service to Pembroke Dock, we also serve the county. Should a business need a first-class laundry service without having to leave their premises, we are here for you. A lot of businesses really appreciate us collecting and returning washing as this allows them to focus on their business. Particularly with hotels and guest houses, but also companies in the medical and manufacturing sectors.

What is easier to clean, white or patterned/coloured linen?

Believe it or not but when dealing with white linen, we have access to more techniques. This allows white linen to be maintained well for a longer period of time. We often use a stain-free wash cycle setting for white linen and this works a treat. As a result, up to 90% of hard stains can be removed and your white linen is kept looking fresh and new for longer.