Discover the Premier Laundry Services of NetLet Laundry in Pembrokeshire

NetLet Laundry, situated in the heart of Pembrokeshire, stands out as the region’s exclusive Electrolux Professional HACCP accredited laundry service provider.

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, NetLet Laundry offers bespoke services catering to diverse laundry needs.

As Pembrokeshire’s sole laundry service with Electrolux Professional equipment certified by HACCP International, NetLet Laundry ensures the best cleanliness and safety standards.

Their advanced industrial machines and specific washing programs guarantee the best care for your linens, irrespective of their type​​​​.

Why Choose NetLet Laundry for Your Linen Needs

NetLet Laundry stands out in the Pembrokeshire area for several compelling reasons. Our commitment to quality is evident through our use of the Cairo Comfort Range from Mitre Linen, ensuring our clients have the highest quality of linen. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and customer service, offering direct contact with our friendly staff for 24/7 communication throughout the year.

Understanding the fluctuating demands, we provide frequent collections, especially during high/peak seasons, and ensure regular and reliable deliveries as part of your contract. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of linen at any time of the year.

Our services are designed for convenience and efficiency. Linens are supplied in ready-packaged bed packs to simplify changeovers. We offer a cost-effective and reliable service, reducing the financial burden on our clients. With the NetLet Linen Hire Service, any damaged linen is replaced at no extra cost, eliminating concerns over large linen bills.

Convenience and Efficiency

Understanding the dynamic demands of laundry, NetLet Laundry offers a fast turnaround, operating seven days a week to ensure timely service​​. Their customer-centric approach includes accessible collections and deliveries across Pembrokeshire, highlighting their dedication to hassle-free service​​.

Innovative Linen Rental Services

NetLet Laundry provides a linen rental service with no minimum usage charges to ease the financial burden on clients, ensuring new stock linen for every client​​. This service mainly benefits businesses looking to maintain high standards without incurring substantial initial costs.

Customised Solutions and Care

NetLet Laundry goes the extra mile with bed packs designed to reduce creasing and enhance linen management efficiency​​. Additionally, their rigorous inspection process ensures that there is no crossover of linens, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and care​​.

Supporting the Local Community

Located at Milford Port, Milford Haven, NetLet Laundry is not just a business but a vital part of the local community​​. Their growth and expansion in March 2021 reflect their commitment to servicing a growing clientele while contributing positively to the local economy​​.

Experience Excellence with NetLet Laundry

Choosing NetLet Laundry means opting for reliability, quality, and comprehensive care for all your linen needs. Their unique blend of advanced technology, customer-focused services, and community involvement makes them a top choice for laundry services in Pembrokeshire.

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We were so impressed by the bed linen, including duvet and pillows, which gave us superb night’s sleep whilst staying at the property. The beds were beautifully presented with clean crisp cotton bed linen and compared very favorably with any hotels we have stayed in during our travels over the years. With your assistance we have been able to purchase the same bedding for our own home.

Holiday Let Guest

Really good staff, would recommend to anyone wanting laundry cleaning services in Pembrokeshire

Laundry Client

It is a relief to have a company that will adapt to what suits the hotel best. They collect and delivery three times a week and pack the linen back into bed packs. Our housekeepers find this very productive and helpful.

Hotel Manager